Celebrity Dead Ass by BILL ABBOTT


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Celebrity Dead Ass by BILL ABBOTT
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“John Archer and I sat down after my lecture at the Magic Circle in London 5 years ago and tossed around the idea of using dead celebrities in the classic Celebrity Smart Ass routine. John took the idea and ran with it. Working and developing it in front of every conceivable audience and every type of venue. And perfect marriage of bulletproof method with John Archer’s comic genius, was born. Now here for all of our audiences to enjoy. Here is Celebrity Dead Ass!  -Bill Abbott
Celebrity Dead Ass Routine
The performer has a fascination for celebrities. Dead celebrities. And how they died. You bring out a stack of large cards with the name of a different dead celebrity printed on each card. You proceed to name each celebrity and relate some of the strange, unusual and hilarious ways that they died.
A volunteer is invited to the stage to examine and mix the dead celebrity cards. You introduce a ‘secret device’ to aid in the selection process of one of the celebrities. It is a professional pop-up fishing net! 
You show a large envelope explaining that there is a photo of one of the dead celebrities inside.  It’s tossed on the stage and the volunteer stands on the envelope so you can not switch or tamper with it.
With absolute freedom the volunteer discards all the celebrities. Except one. One dead celebrity. The volunteer reveals that the dead celebrity they have selected is Marilyn Monroe. 
The envelope is removed from under the spectator and the prediction is revealed to be…a skeleton! You explain that this is a very recent photo of Marilyn Monroe. Sensing that there may be doubts, you open the folded photo to show the lower half of the skelton arguing that it HAD to Marilyn Monroe because of the hips in the photo! 
You slowly turn the photo around to reveal and full colour photo of MARILYN MONROE!