Chris Westfall LIVE (Penguin LIVE)


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Chris Westfall LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

Fun unusual sure-fire methods to create a uniquely interactive experience.

Easy strong practical magic from another professional Canadian- Shawn Farquar

A super fun entertainer with simple visual effective routines designed for the real world- Boris Wild

A Fantastical beast. His experience humour shine through his magic- Karl Hein

What will he teach

Off by a lot-Cards change as does writing on the back that appears.

Time Cap-Cap vanishes reappears on sharpie.

Pursed-Invisible change purse routine.

Coin Pluck/ Magnetic Steal-coin vanishes from wine glass or box.

Fifty Two Backs-Atwisting aces sequence that ends with all the cards backs changing color.

Cigatration with a Birthday Candle- A visual candle through coin that happens in a flash.

Greetings-Impossble card location in a nest of birthday cards.

Hat Trick-Card changes in hat.

Basket-entire signed bill to chosen fruit routine allowing you to do the impossible with relative ease.

Who is he

Chris Westfall is one of the busiest performers in Canada. He is a second city graduate which adds for a uniquely interactive experience. Performs coast to coast for some of North americans largest companies. and.. was on the cover of a major magic magazine out of the USA. Is a lecturer for magicians author creator and consultant for tv sitcoms and Theatrical plays.