Christopher Taylor - Outside The Conventional 2


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Outside the Conventional is the first DVD set from Inner Mind Productions that features a guest performer. Canada's

Christopher Taylor is the author to two best selling books on the subject of Bizarre/ Mystic Mental Magic as well as

the inventor of Equinox and the electronic wiz behind Andy Nymans fantastic "Dead Zone Pro". On this DVD he brings

you some of his finest routines.

Each of the routines has a story woven in to it?? that produces an intimate and mysterious feel that elevates it from

effect to a very thought provoking performance piece!

Watch as Christopher performs each effect in front of a group of lay people and then sit back and learn as

Christopher Taylor And Marc Spelmann talk you through every effect in fine detail leaving no stone unturned.

The DVD also contains an interview section where Peter Nardi and Marc Spelmann delve a little deeper into the

creative mind of Christopher Taylor.


1) In the Book
A two participant variation of the drawing duplication.

2) There and Back Again
A participant secretly decides upon a distant country and then takes a "mystical journey" there in their imagination.

When they "return"?? they are holding a souvenir coin from their chosen country which they get to keep. Mental Magic

at it's best.

3) Mirror Mind
A two stage routine in which the mage uses an antique mirror to read the minds of his audience Then?? a spectator

successfully does the very same thing.

4) Room 7
A participant enters an imaginary door with a FREELY CHOSEN room number?? known only to her. The number mysteriously

appears on the back of her hand!