Close-Up Magic(1-3) (World's Greatest Magic)


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Close-Up Magic(1-3)

The "World's Greatest Magic" series features many of the best magicians performing some of the best magic. This three-volume set centers on close-up magic. It contains 21 magicians performing and teaching their favorite routines and techniques.

Close-Up Magic - Volume One:
Routines include: Hanky Panky (Bruce Cervon), A Ball and a Tube (Falkenstein & Willard), Self-Folding Bill (Michael Ammar), Transpo Tumbler (Bob Read), Stay at Home Coins (Mark Leveridge), Flip-Pins (Flip). Running time: Approximately 75 minutes.

Close-Up Magic - Volume Two:
Routines include: The 21st Century Bill Transposition (Eugene Burger and David Parr), Word of the Ring (Banachek), Bill and Pen (J. J. Sanvert ), Foreign Affair (Gregory Wilson), The Mystery of the Little Piece of Cork (Paul Wilson), All Screwed Up (Doc Eason), and Cup & Ball (Daryl). Running time: Approximately 89 minutes.

Close-Up Magic - Volume Three:
Routines include: Bowl Routine (John Mendoza), Through the Eye of the Needle (Tommy Wonder), Himber Wallet Routine (Al Schneider), 3D Photograph (Henry Evans), The Planet (David Roth ), Chink-A-Chink (Johnny Thompson), and Single Cup & Ball (Larry Jennings). Running time: Approximately 78 minutes.