Consolidation by David Regal

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Consolidation by David Regal

(Instant Download) A stunning miracle that creates a rare object many people have never seen, and ends with you giving your spectator a $2 bill! 

"A GREAT ROUTINE. He's got a vanish, a transformation, and a souvenir for his spectator (that costs you nothing) all wrapped up in one fantastic routine. This. Just. Makes. Sense. I love it!" - David McCreary

What is it about $2, people just love them. Especially when you make a boring $1 and four coins magically change into it. This is such a clean vanish of four coins. A borrowed $1 transform into an impromptu change purse. The coins vanish and the $1 turns into a $2. 

The vanish looks impossible but it's actually pretty easy. The method is fun and interesting and the finale ends with you giving them a $2 and people REALLY love that. Oh did I mention that you don't give away any money? That's right, it doesn't cost a thing.