Con-spy-ring by Unknown Mentalist Con-spyring


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 Now this second edition includes some clever and innovative additional revelation ideas from Marc Paul. It already includes a brilliant additional revelation idea of Chris Wasshuber.
These are 3 unbelievably dramatic routines which are totally unfathomable by the spectators. Even if they search the internet, they will find the entire patter and facts given by you are absolutely true and genuine which makes these routines all the more baffling and memorable.
Self working and easy to do. No stooges, no pre-show and no sleights. Each routine comes with a unique theme, patter and printable props. The themes are so realistic that you yourself may not believe that this magic is actually possible. For easy understanding there are about 10 indicative images.
1. CENTURY OF COINCIDENCE - (Part of patter) - "Have you heard of the Century of Coincidence? No? Well, this is something totally missed by the historians but luckily discovered by magicians and mentalists. The 100 year war between the English and the French is actually a Century of Coincidence. And, weirdly, this gets proved every time we do a demonstration." The routine climaxes with some impossible revelations. And the spectator gets to keep a historic souvenir.
2. ATTITUDE WITH LATITUDE - (Part of patter) - "Geographically speaking any point on Earth can be defined by a unique combination of latitude and longitude. Similarly every thought that arises in the human mind can be defined by a unique combination of dreams and memories. Let's do a demonstration based on the latitude and longitude of human thoughts." The routine then uses some international telephone codes for an unbelievable climax.
3. ALPHA CONSPIRACY - What you do in this routine is no less than a conspiracy using alphabets and a book (this is NOT a spelling routine). Hence the name Alpha Conspiracy and it has a double climax. This is a book test which can be done using any ungimmicked book. (Part of patter) - "According to linguistic research statistics these 2 dozen words have been proved to have high impact on the human subconscious mind." And the routine ends with a thundering double climax.
    "The Unknown Mentalist has done it again! He has a real talent for taking fascinating math principles and creating real world presentational hooks that your audiences will find engaging and thought provoking." - Marc Paul
    "You are an excellent thinker and quite prolific." - Marc Salem
1st edition 2015, 2nd edition 41 pages.
word count: 4718 which is equivalent to 18 standard pages of text