Corporate Close-Up by Martin Sanderson


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An exclusive DVD production that takes a look into the world of corporate close-up magic. This brand new DVD, produced and directed by Russ Stevens, takes magic instruction to a new level. With a running time of nearly two hours you'll watch and learn the routines that have made Martin Sanderson one of today's highest paid corporate magicians.
Content Included:
Ambitious Four Phase

Under impossible conditions a signed card appears on top of the deck three times, then in your mouth, then inside your wallet (inside a sealed envelope) and finally it changes into a clear block of plastic on the spectators hand! The ultimate in memorable magic!
Coin Under Watch:
Two coins, one is chosen, the other vanishes only to be found under the spectators watch!
Rapid Fire Chop Cup:
Bam Bam Bam, you’ll hit them so hard that they’ll be picking themselves up for weeks after this one!
Think of a Card:
The ultimate in opening routines. Perfect for trade shows, corporate events, table magic and reception situations.
Bill in Kiwi:
This one will get you more repeat bookings than any other trick. Every detail is revealed, including some never seen before touches.
Boomerang Card and Storm Force 7:
Two brand new effects released for the first time!
Hints and Tips:
Martin lets you in on some real secrets for securing the best corporate work and increasing your income!

"Finally a high quality DVD, full of great commercial magic performed in the real world to real people. Storm Force 7 is an effect that everyone will be doing when they see it. An invaluable DVD to anyone who wants to make serious money with their magic." Wayne Dobson

Martin's close-up magic is like no other. When you experience his unique magic, you are guaranteed to feel AMAZED and BEWILDERED - but most of all you will be ENTERTAINED.

Martin is an accomplished professional who is repeatedly re-booked by his clients. Whether it is for television, the largest trade show, exhibition, private party, wedding or society ball, you will be captivated by his skilful sleight-of-hand magic and his warm and entertaining personality.


Martin Sanderson - a Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year award winner.