Cosmo Solano - International Pocket Change


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You ask your spectator for an amount of "Pocket Change" under 1.00 dollar.

You instantly pull out all the change in your pocket?? and even turn the pocket inside out to show that there's nothing more! You hand the spectator the change?? THEY count it out and it matches the amount they say exactly!

Comes with routines?? online video instructions (lifetime pass to members only website)?? illustrated instruction booklet AND...

It can be done INTERNATIONALLY with coins from just about anywhere!

Included are instructions for the most common countries coins?? and the members only site will have updates as we add other countries!

THIS VERSION is REAL! DOES NOT USE STOOGES! Can be reset in seconds?? and even repeated! No special clothing needed just a pants pocket or purse!
Sleights... there is a simple sleight version and a NO SLEIGHT VERSION included!

(Simple sleight version requires a finger palm (classic palm if you wish) Pocket change is a true reputation maker! *** NOTICE: This item currently is hand made to order?? it may not ship for 2-4 days?? your purchase may be "made to order" depending on amount in stock at the time of your order. In most cases item will be shipped within 2 business days as usual