Cups And Balls(1-3) World's Greatest Magic


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Cups And Balls(1-3) World's Greatest Magic

The "World's Greatest Magic" series features many of the best magicians performing some of the best magic. This three-volume set centers on the classic Cups & Balls routine. It contains 17 magicians performing and teaching their favorite routines and techniques.

Cups & Balls - Volume One??
Routines include?? Two Cup Routine (Tommy Wonder)?? Cups and Balls (Frank Garcia)?? Cups and Balls (Dan Fleshman)?? Award Winning Cups and Balls (Aldo Colombini)?? Classic Cups and Balls Explanation (Dai Vernon)?? The Cups and Balls (Alex Elmsley)?? and Egyptian Cups and Balls (Ross Bertram). Running time?? Approximately 128 minutes.

Cups & Balls - Volume Two??
Routines include?? Mendoza Cups and Balls (John Mendoza)?? Cups and Balls (Johnny Thompson)?? Indian Cups and Balls (Steve Dacri)?? Single Cup and Ball (Larry Jennings)?? and Cups and Balls (Marc DeSouza). Running time?? Approximately 111 minutes.

Cups & Balls - Volume Three??
Routines include?? Cup and Ball (Daryl)?? Rub-A-Dub-Dub Cups and Balls (Bill Malone)?? Cups and Balls (Al Schneider)?? The Two Goblets (Gary Ouellet)?? and Cups & Balls & Cups & Balls (David Regal). Running time?? Approximately 103 minutes.

Original release date?? March 2009.