Dalton Wayne - CRE-A-TIVE


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4 new concepts designed to spark your creativity.

Within this package you'll find four concepts. The effects are not fully formed effects, but rather the building blocks upon which you can create any number of ground breaking magic tricks. This package is designed to cultivate you're own creative flow, unlocking heretofore unknown personal potential.

Effect 1
Show off your marksmanship. Take the cap off of a glue stick, and instantly throw it back on with 100% accuracy!
Effect 2
Frighten children and small animals with your eerie elongating finger. Grow your finger to twice it's normal lengths, and then revert it back to it's original size.
Effect 3
An old school effect brought back in a brand new light! Vanish any small object from the palm of your hand.
Effect 4
Feeling lucky? If not, make your own luck with this amazing shuffle that keeps all cards in the deck in the exact same order!