Dan Paulus Penguin Live Online Lecture


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What will he teach?
Shout! A quick tongue in cheek mind reading trick where the magician looks for small facial clues from the spectator to try and guess first the suit then the value of a single card. Hint...the spectator always flinches!
The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick! A Card Stab Routine by Dan Paulus, based on a premise from Tarbell. A signed card is lost in the deck which is then wrapped tightly in a sheet of newspaper. A large throwing knife is then plunged into the deck by the spectator. The newspaper is ripped off and the deck removed to find the signed card impaled on the blade of the knife! This is a great trick but the real fun is in the journey! The comedy routine around the trick is filled with possible danger to the entire audience.
Million Dollar Olram The second half of Dan's bill to impossible location. The burned bill appears inside a sealed envelope that was freely chosen (no force) from a stack of envelopes. What's more before the envelope is opened it is turned over to reveal that it has an identifying word, phrase, or symbol that differs from all the other envelopes in the stack. Making it clearly the one envelope that could contain the bill. A great routine that can easily be customized to fit a client's logo, convention theme, slogan or other catchy picture or word play. Or in a school or lecture setting the envelope could emphasize a key learning point.
Pure Skill An easy to do ACAAN with two decks that can also play on stage with jumbo cards. No sleights.
Dan's Traveling Aces The four aces are removed from the deck and shown one at a time before changing into all Aces of Spades. Then one of the Aces is used to turn the other three of the Aces of Spades into three Queens. The Aces of Diamonds, Hearts, and Clubs are then found at a place in the deck that had been randomly cut to by a spectator before the trick started.
The Impostors Based on a Larry Jennings effect, this handling is slightly easier and ends much cleaner. The Magician challenges the two Jokers to try and find a chosen card. But first, the magician, who is not being a good sport about this, sets some impossible rules for the Jokers. First, the magician gets to confuse the Jokers by distracting them with an impostor card. A second card that is the same value and color as the chosen card but the wrong suite. Second, the Jokers have to find the card without moving from the top of the deck. 

The Jokers are placed face up on top of the deck, and without moving seemed to capture a face down card. Unfortunately for the Jokers they fail the first time, finding the impostor card. Then the Jokers are pushed together face down through the side of the pack for their second try. When they come out the other side they are spread to show that they have now captured...nothing. They failed, but turning over the two Jokers we see that they did change into two other impostor cards - the other two that match the chosen card. 
One last chance, the magician spreads out the deck to find the two Jokers now face up in the center with a face down card trapped between - the chosen card! 
The Quiz Show Dan's routine for the gimmick coin set known as Copper Silver Half.
Why I Collect Pennies A fast paced Spellbound Routine that changes a silver dollar into a giant penny then back again. Then the penny is produced, vanished, reproduced, and turned into a jumbo coin. Then a second jumbo coin is produced using a visual and audible illusion!
The Kennedy Conspiracy Bill While relating the eerie connections between the Kennedy assassination and the dollar bills printed afterward, Dan causes a Kennedy half-dollar to pass through the presidential seal of a Kennedy bill. Leaving behind no hole but plenty of evidence that the coin really did pass through the bill. No magnets, no folds in the bill, no secrets slits. Both the bill and coin may be given away as a souvenir when the trick is over.
Countdown A comedy torn and restored card trick where the wrong card is torn to try and create the correct card.