Danny Orleans LIVE (Penguin LIVE)


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Penguin Live Online Lecture - Danny Orleans

Danny Orleans performs one of the best kids magic shows -- strike that -- one of the best magic shows I have ever seen.-Mac King
Probably the best designed lecture on kid show magic I have ever seen. Danny is really entertaining and you will learn a lot. This is full of solid usable information.-David Kaye (Silly Billy)
A master class in the psychology of young audiencesJoe Turner
Danny Orleans captivated our KIDabra Chapter members and masterfully demonstrated his skills both as a childrens entertainer and a top notch lecturer; HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!-Brad Ross
Danny Orleans is a master of behaviorism. He successfully teaches how to use positive reinforcement to control audiences of children.Eugene Burger
Outstanding lecture! The way you illustrated your topic points with video footage of actual live incidents ...were lessons over and above any lecture about magic tricks. Your lecture was a show a superbly orchestrated show.-Gene Anderson
Danny Orleans is a Renaissance man of magic: a performer a scholar a creator. His lecture proves that he is a seasoned pro when it comes presenting magic to children.-Joshua Jay
If you want to learn the secret to being successful performing for audiences filled with children be sure to join us this Sunday when Danny Orleans will be lecturing on theArt of Presenting Magic to Children.
Danny Orleans has performed more than 4000 shows for over one 娴犳亼llion children parents teachers and leaders at schools camps theaters museums and private events. His DVDs have received rave reviews in all the major magazines and hell be sharing the psychological techniques that he uses to manage young audiences.
Danny explains the theories of Behaviorism that he learned as a classroom teacher and how he applied it to performing magic. He shares the verbal tricks that are amazingly effective when it comes to modifying youngsters behavior during a show.
Whether youre a full time pro who does kids parties or you just do a few shows a year there will be information packed into this lecture that youll be able to use immediately. And a bunch of good tricks too.

  • 3 ways to quiet an audience without asking them
  • A master trick to get onstage helpers to stay put
  • Helping kids behave without demanding or scolding Positive reinforcement the secret formula to manage kids
  • A silent pre 娴狅箟ow warm 娴犵 to set a positive tone for your show
  • Getting two laughs from an audience with only one gag
  • Targeting five goals key building blocks to success
  • Increasing audience reactions through synergy


  • The Colossal Scribble Scrabble Coloring Book The Breakaway Crayon
  • Magician’s Exercises
  • The Ultimate Multiplying Wand gag Aqua Cups
  • Sucker Dove Production Finale

If you could ask ONE question to one of the worlds most creative professional magicians what would it be
If youve never been to a magic lecture theres never been a better time. Sunday May 26th at 7:00pm were live-streaming Danny Orleans in a spectacular 2-hour interactive online lecture. Watch ask questions and learn things you wont find in any book or DVD.