Dave Forrest - Positive Thinking


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Inspired by an effect by Max Maven. If you like these type of effects also make sure to check out Assertive Positive Negative by Scott F. Guinn.

Effect: You place a folded business card - a prediction - on the table in full view. Your spectator is asked to imagine three coins. They are then asked to select one of the coins?? toss it in the air and catch it?? calling heads or tails. Let's imagine they call tails! You open your prediction - inside you have accurately predicted both the denomination of the coin they imagined and whether it would land heads or tails!

Inspired by Max Maven's effect 'Positive/Negative'?? this is the ultimate 'packs small?? plays big' effect. And?? because the entire routine requires just one very small prop (just half the size of your business card!) and is incredibly easy to do you'll be carrying it everywhere you go and performing it every chance you get. Best of all?? Positive Thinking totally fries laypeople thanks to the fact that the final prediction is as clear as day! Whether they called heads or tails?? you can show with complete confidence and absolutely no ambiguity that you predicted it ahead of time. There are no switches?? no secret writing?? no sleight of hand and yet you are always 100% correct! Positive Thinking will work with absolutely any currency and also affords you the opportunity to hand out a business card. The ultimate in portable?? modern mentalism. At this price - it just makes sense.


Also included in this video download is a clever swindle that allows you to actually have the spectator just IMAGINE ANY THREE COINS at the start. Yes - they can choose from a handful of imaginary coins and you still accurately predict the outcome. (NOTE: This 'swindle' may only be applicable to users in the UK)

Dave's mental coin effect?? 'Heavy Mental' from the 'Attack of the Copper Silver Coin!' DVD gets a new lease of life thanks to the streamlined methodolgy behind 'Positive Thinking'! If you're familiar with the original you'll love the super simplified handling of the all new 'Heavy Mental Too'.

runtime: 30min