David Malek - Cheating At Holdem


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David Malek - Cheating At Holdem

Cheating at Hold'em is not a clich?expos? Cheating at Hold'em is a course in protective strategy. Cheating at Hold'em will provide you with all the knowledge needed to become an expert in game protection and enable you to participate in any and all Hold'em games without fear of being cheated. The top professional poker players are all conversant with the card cheater's ploys. No one can become a top professional Hold'em player without knowing how card cheaters take insurmountable advantages. The information contained in Cheating at Hold'em is not a magician's version of how to cheat at cards; it is an authentic?? accurate and educational demonstration of the professional cheater's ploys exactly as employed in actual play. Cheating at Hold'em explores and acquaints you with all known artifices employed by both professional and amateur card cheats and Cheating at Hold'em will help you become an expert on?? Marked Cards Strippers Learn How To Detect Gaffed Decks In Factory Sealed Containers Without Opening The Case Peeking and Flashing Second Dealing The Relationship of Various Scams Check Copping Splash Moves and Building-In Gaming Devices The Mechanics Of Fair and Unfair Shuffling?? Cutting and Dealings Looking At Your Hand Without Exposing Cards Dealing With Friends and Kibitzers The Use of Plastic Cards How To Handle A Cheat when You Catch Him Protection Tips and Detection Tips For All These Sections and More