David Merry - Don't Panic Remain


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Nominatedfor the 2003 Canadian Comedy Awards as “Best One Man Show”.

This DVD was shot live at the Wolf Performance Hall in London , Ontario Canada during the 2003 Canadian Comedy Festival. 

See what happens after 22 years in comedy clubs and corporate events when one of the best comic magicians working

today decides to take two and a half  years to put together his totally new "One Man Show".

"David Merry has one of the funniest comedy magic acts I have ever seen."

-Mark Wilson

"I have known David Merry for over twenty years.  We used to session together, "back in the day," and since then I have worked with him countless times.  Drop him into ANY performance situation, day or night, in front of ANY audience, and he will always rock the room.  David is that darn experienced, and that darn good.  The guy is nothing less than bullet-proof."

 - Jay Sankey

"David Merrys Magic and Comedy is one of the best kept secrets in the magic world. A Canadian who soon will take the world by storm." 

- Obie Obrien  P.P. IBM 1993-94 & The Head Forker at FFFF.

"I was in my dressing room and heard this thunderous laughter from the
audience.  I came out to see what all the excitement was about and it was
Dave Merry onstage.  He was killing them."

-Kevin James

"This guy just never quits! Onstage and off, Dave Merry's show is more than
just fun - his humor is intelligent, his persona is charming and his magic
isn't half-bad, either! Buy his DVD - just don't trust him with your car keys!"
- David Oliver

"WOW! I couldn't have asked for more. The audience loved you. I'll be calling about a return engagement.

-Hank Moorehouse    Abbott's Get Together 2002

"David Merry was one of the highlights of the CAM convention. He delighted his audience with his hilarious comedy routine, and many people have asked us to hire him for the next convention.  They couldn’t get enough of him! We will no doubt have a larger crowd next year because of David."

- Joan Caesar    President, Canadian Association of Magicians

"Dave Merry's comedy is like a breath of fresh air on a hot Canadian night"

- Hank Lee


The show is totally interactive and combines great magic with some of the best one liners in the business....... it’s been described as:

“Doug Henning meets Carrot Top doing Parlour Tricks at the Munster’s” .....Toronto Star


"A Comedy Barrage on Magic's Cutting Edge"....... London Free Press


"Crazed...Hysterical"...... Edmonton Sun