David Regal Penguin Live Online Lecture 2


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David Regal Penguin Live Online Lecture 2


“David Regal’s magic is just sensational.” - Jim Steinmeyer

“David Regal is diabolical.” - Lance Burton

“David Regal has been a wellspring of clever magic ideas for more than 20 years.” - Jamy Ian Swiss

“David Regal’s approach to magic made me one hundred thousand dollars.” - C. Thomas Howell

What will he teach?

To set this lecture apart from the standard show-a-trick/teach-a-trick format, David has decided to break down a complete act he recently performed in the Close-Up Gallery of The Magic Castle. He will discuss the methods he uses to assemble an act as well as the methods of the effects performed. Topics will include:


  • Why Perform an “act”?
  • Establishing a Theme
  • Premise
  • Bookending

The tricks will include:

Clarity Box – Customizing the box, its workings and applications, plus a new routine.

All-Good Card Warp – The classic effect… with all the hinky parts removed.

Return of The Miser – Jerry Andrus’ brilliant Miser’s Miracle, with a new ending.

My Friend’s New Place – My popular mouse chop cup routine, with a new easy-to-make prop.

Close to My Heart – A brand new routine with a pocket-sized photo frame.

Zig-Zag Card Box – An application of Tenyo’s Zig-Zag Cigarette to a playing card box.