David Roth - Winged Silver & Chink-a-chink


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First there was Bobo. Then there was David Roth. Considered to be the finest coin magician in the world by none other than Dai Vernon?? David Roth’s skill and creativity with coins is unparalleled. In Europe?? he’s known simply as “Maestro”. In this instant download?? you’ll learn 2 of David’s classic effects - Winged Silver and Chink-a-Chink – that’s two for the price of one! Performed by David on Late Night with David Letterman?? these effects fit together perfectly.

First?? you cause 4 coins to travel invisibly from one hand to the other. You then cause the coins to travel to various points on a table without ever picking them up. Included in the download are detailed instructions on the Shuttle Pass?? a supremely useful and versatile move in coin magic?? and worth the price of entry alone. Filmed in HD?? David Roth’s material has never been presented in video format of this quality?? so pull up a chair and learn from the Maestro today.