Dee Christopher - 413


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Dee Christopher - 413

Instructor: Kenton Knepper

Subjects: Mind Reading, Extreme Mentalism

Media Type: Download

Skill Level: Intermediate

What you'll need: Deck of Cards, , Haunted Key


"Rocking eBook... Short but ridiculously sweet! Love the thinking, it reeks of You!" Ben Williams

"I love falling coins, I will be doing this... A lot!" Bedros Spider Akkelian

"All very workable pieces, easy to perform and each leave a lot of space to customise to your needs. All direct and to the point!" Luca Volpe

"Some great close up mentalism contained within! "Falling Coins" is an absolute winner. A great piece of situational, impromptu mind control! Awesome job Dee!!" James Went

"Just read the coins. Take it off the market or charge more! It's going straight in my new show!" Doug Segal

"Falling Coins is, as others have already noted, a work of sheer genius and worth ten times the price of the book in itself! This routine could go straight into anyone's stage or parlour show almost immediately. It's a brilliant piece of thinking!" Paul Voodini

In 413 Dee discusses FOUR brand new effects that he has not tipped in any other publication. Four working demonstrations of amazing mental power.

*Schrodinger's Deck

A presentation and method for the light and heavy deck that will prove your powers of mind over matter.

A spectator will easily lift a deck off your hand, then will be unable to do so.

Easy to do and completely examinable. You are left with a normal deck of cards and box to move onto another effect. This could be done with a tarot deck if you are against playing cards in your work.

*The Devil's Key

The Devil's Key is a method to create the classic haunted key effect in your spectators hands. The key will eeriely turn slowly over in their hand and is completely examinable. Nothing is going from your body to the key, so you can walk away and leave them with the key once the haunting has concluded.

*Falling Coins

Three spectators each take a coin from their pocket/purse. They toss and call out whether it's landed heads or tails. What ever the outcome, it always matches the prediction you have on show, no indexes or moves are required, just some clever psychology and a devious method.

The method to falling coins can also be applied to other prediction effects as discussed in the eBook.

*Sight Three

While the previous Sight effects have been wallet mentalism, this takes the theme and applies it to a cabaret/stage scenario.

A notebook is handed around the audience and each person writes down the title of a horror movie. One movie per page. The final spectator selects a movie from the book and you can read their mind and tell them the exact title of the movie they're thinking of.

In this 21 page eBook, Dee divulges the methods behind these incredible effects and offers a little advice on your performances.

You WILL use material from this book!