Dee Christopher - The Psychokinesis Handbook


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Dee Christopher - The Psychokinesis Handbook

"Dee Christopher offers here a unique text focusing solely on the area of deception that he has come to dominate in recent years. This tome is a perfect example of why." - Daniel Madison (Deceptions Expert) Everything you need to know about performing psychokinesis as a magician, mentalist or to make people believe that what you are doing is REAL.

From the ebook's synopsis:

"This vede mecum contains all the information that one will need to convince the world of their psychokinetic powers.

This text contains the techniques to create psychokinetic illusions, the history of psychokinesis and modern theories on it's existence, as well as justifications and premises to allow you to create the most believable performances possible.

This book was written with the charlatan in mind."

The ebook covers History, Techniques including: Spoon bending, Coin Bending, Key Bending, Controlling a compass, Influencing a falling die, Random number generators, Moving items, it also includes justifications, epic performance tips and an extended further reading list.

This is the extended, FULL version of the chapter of HTGAWM entitled 'The Psychokinetic.' While some of the material is the same, the content is much more intense. See HTGAWM as the overview, this is the real work.

1st edition 2012, 97 pages.
word count: 12230 which is equivalent to 48 standard pages of text