Deformity by Vanz Cadiente & Kelvin Trinh


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Deformity by Vanz Cadiente & Kelvin Trinh

This is the most fabulous trick I've ever seen!
- Tony Ho

It's a cool TnR effect!
- Agustin

I love his method in this effect!
- Kelvin D. Trinh

Torn deform and restore 3 signed pieces of a card and give it to your spectator as a souvenir. You can't do that Yes you totally can because this is Deformity.

Imagine having a selected card that is signed on the top the middle and the bottom. You rip it into 3 parts with a signature on each piece. And then you mysteriously restore it in front of your spectator's eyes but not like any other effect you've ever seen. It's restored but also deformed -- truly incredible!

In this instructional video that's over 20 minutes long Vanz teaches you how to construct the gimmick and perform this awesome effect.

Don't just restore it when there is Deformity.