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Card In Balloon 濞戞澧㈡い鎺斿厴瀹曘儱顓兼径鍡椾壕濠㈣泛鑻·鍌炴煕閹达絾顏犳鐐叉喘瀹曠兘濡搁…鎴炶晧闂備緡鍋勯ˇ鍗炩枔閹存繍娼╅柡鍐ㄥ€归崐鏍⒑閹绘帞鐒跨紒杈ㄥ哺閺佸伯 funny stand-up routine where a selected and signed card appears in a chosen balloon.

The International Coin Trick 濞戞澧曟繛鍙夋崌瀵顫濋鐔兼闂佺厧顨庢禍娆戠箔婢舵劕瑙﹂悘鐐跺Г缁傚洭鎮楅悷鏉款暢婵炲牊鍨瑰☉鐢割敆閳ь剛绮╅悽鐢电煔闁秆勩仜閸嬫捁绠涢弮鎴炴杸闁诲孩绋掗崝褏妲愬鑸垫櫖Four coins each from a different country penetrate the center of a table one at a time arriving audibly in a glass.
Through Through 濞戞澧曟繛鍙夋崌閹冪暆閳ь剝鈪堕梺鑹伴哺閻旑剛妲愬鑸垫櫖Four cards are placed at the four corners of a table. They magically gather beneath a jumbo card one at a time.
Color Triumphant 濮?card is peeked at in a red deck. The deck is cut into three piles and the piles are shuffled face up and face down. When the deck is spread all the cards are now facing the same way. As a kicker ending the deck is now blue backed and the selection is the only red backed card in the deck.
Four Coins In The Countin 濮圭福e coin assembly that introduced the now famous Pickup Move. Four coins in different corners of the table vanish one at a time and gather under one playing card. As a finale a large coin is produced.
Open Sesame 濮诡湹ur Aces are lost in different parts of the deck and are then found using four different flourishy methods.
Double Color-Changing Aces 濮诡湹ur aces are lost in a red deck and then produced but now they have blue backs. In a visual ending their backs change back to red in a flash.
Sleights explained within routines 濮圭釜pping The Deck Rubdown Han Ping Chien Turnover Switch Peek Force Pickup Move Bluff Shift The Nelson Quickie Bottom Slip Cut Triple Buckle Throw Cut and much more.