Dirk Losander C A Day With Salvano


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From Dirk Losander's Recollection Series comes "A Day with Salvano" a rich teaching and learning experience for any magician!Losander is very proud to present the first of his Recollection Series: salvano, a real master of the art of magic! In this video, Losander spends a full day with salvano filled with magic as well as stories from his life! All of the effects shown are genuine miracles! You will experience a manipulation routine like no other-one that includes cigarettes AND a billiard ball. You will also see a complete salt routine as well as a silk routine with a new system wherein salvano produces 3 huge silks out of an empty tube! The effects alone are worth the cost of this video, but the real value is the stories with which salvano has remembered and collected from his 54 years performing as a preofessional magician! Ladies and gentlemaen, introducing salvano!