Docc Hilford - Lolita System


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Docc Hilford - Lolita System


Docc Hilford has devised a simple yet highly effective system that can be applied to any borrowed deck of cards in minutes?? making the free selection of any card or pair of cards instantly known! Here are just a few of the effects possible??

Two cards and a word are chosen by three spectators. You hypnotize a woman who reveals the names of the cards and the chosen word!

You write three different predictions?? each with a spectator's initials on them. The spectators freely select cards and your predictions match the selections!

A spectator secretly chooses two coins from his pocket. Another freely chooses two cards. The values of the coins and cards are added together. You know the total?? the values of the coins?? the names of both cards and even the date on one of the coins!

This system took years to develop along with the audience-tested routines. Now you can perform miracles without sleight-of-hand or memory techniques.