Dominic Witt - The XCH Project


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Dominic Witt - The XCH Project



The X.C.H Project based on the idea to bring something for free into our community. The possibility to use your own brain and foreknowledge to create awsome moves instead of paying for something you already have, creativity, is not impossible, flourishes should be something, in my opinion, for FREE.

This Project presenting three [3] Card Flourishes created and designed by Dominic White.

The (X) stands for Xenon :: Difficulty - hard :: a very elegant and smooth flourish co-developed by David Tau Kua.

The (C) stands for Chrom :: Difficulty - medium :: a Flourish represents two card displays, a crosswise display & a five-card-edged display inspired by Andrei Jikh.

The (H) stands for Helium :: Difficulty - hard :: + KeyFlip (Card Shot) :: Difficulty - hard :: Two versions of Helium are available, Helium & Helium [2.0]. Helium, ends with a fast thumb-bring-card-back-to-the-deck move in which Helium [2.0] ends with a display keeping two cards face-up on your thumbs in balance. Both Flourishes including KeyFlip, a one-handed card shot.

Xenon including the Revolution Cut which is shortly shown but not explained as well as Helium that including the move called Flicker by the Virts.

Each Flourish is explained by a easy over-the-shoulder view in slow motion.

Tutorials are filmed in full HD [1080p].

Overall, has the hole explanation of all three Card Flourishes a total long of about 20 [min's].

The download including the tutorials of Xenon, Chrom and Helium + KeyFlip (Card Shot).