Dominique Duvivier - From Old to New (1-4)


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Dominique Duvivier - From Old to New(1-4)


volume 1??
Dominique Duvivier is a leading magician and creator who has decided to release some of his routines. This DVD features?? Piece Signee?? Poker/Bridge?? Main du Mage?? Running Gag?? Double Mental?? Suivez le Chef?? Billet de $1 and Flying Card Visions 1-5. Bonus sections include an interview with Alexandra and Dominique Duvivier and additional routines.

volume 2??
Lapping 2 for 2?? 2 Miscellaneous Cards= Kings?? Cups & Balls?? 3 Gold 3 Silver?? 4th Dimension?? All Back New Wave?? Double Cornelius?? Hal-Deuce-ination?? Faster Than His Shadow?? Cards To Pocket?? Serial Changes?? Ace Assembly 1 & 2 and more.

volume 3??
A Different Production Nasty?? Progressive Assembly Even Nastier?? Progressive Assembly Double Cut Finale?? The 3?? Temperature Indicator Pancrazi's?? 4 Aces As White As Snow Photomaton?? 21 Cards Trick?? Coins Into The Glass?? Coin Box?? 2 Jacks = 4 Aces?? Ghost Card New Glimpse?? Lupin's Sleight?? "THE" Sandwich?? Double Glimpse and more.

volume 4??
My Routine of The Banknote in The Pocket?? Turnover Aces Production?? The Spelled Thought of Card?? Second Chosen Card?? Marie-Christine?? 2 French Francs Coin?? 4 Red + 4 Black?? The Fastest Sleight In The World (Sophisticated Version)?? The Card In The Pocket?? 4 Aces On