Duragoun & Optimus Display by Sleight Artist


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Duragoun & Optimus Display by Sleight Artist 

 (Instant Download) 9 packet & 11 packet display make it amazing at your hands.

As a flourisher like a card flourish section for display because feel challenged,make it looks good and cool at take a picture for everywhere.

Many people to create amazing moving to date and this is prove Card Flourish never die.
This time let me introduce you Duragoun & Optimus Display.
This is cardistry section when you can look like a dragon and optimus prime make it on your hands.

Feature :
- 10 Minute Explanation
- Non-Verbal explanation
- 2 Angle view explanation
- Intermediate skill requirement (Medium)

NOTE : This is 100% FUN ! Don't forget to happy...

Learn it now !