Dynamic Duo by Rich Moratta and Twila Zone


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 Dynamic Duo by Rich Moratta and Twila Zone

Create and perform comedy magic as a duo! Rich Marotta and Twila Zone, stars of HBO and Showtime, have over 20 years of experience and 2000 performances under their belts. Now, you can learn from their valuable insights as Rich and Twila share professional tips and the secrets to many of their pet comedy routines on this 60-minute DVD.

Effects Performed or Explained:

    Erect Rope
    The Comedy Levitation
    Fishbowl From Bag
    Arm Chopper
    Bird From Frame
    Bride of Best Trick
    Appearing Fish
    Appearing Scarf
    Hand Through Body
    Dove from Paper Bag
    and many more

In addition to these great routines, you'll also learn how to:

    Expand your act
    Routine for two people
    Polish older routines
    Create eccentric characters
    Use your partner as a gimmick
    Misdirect through Division of Attention
    Develop a character
    Implement character motivation
    Use on-stage relationships