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Easy to perform tricks to catch ladies attention in a loud club??

demonstrate DHV or just hustle free drinks in a pub! All tricks use
simple daily objects such as lighters?? coins??bottles?? cigarettes...
The videos are in .mov format for ipods but they work on PC nicely
too. Here is the description from the original author??

Get to know us

About the guy in the black shirt

My name is Morten and I started EasyBarTricks.com in October 2007. The
site was meant as a hobby project but soon my inbox was filled with
emails from people who liked the tricks and wanted more!  All that
positive feedback encouraged me to develop the site further and to
produce new videos. Today the site is still a hobby project but also a
small business that sells magic trick tutorials.

About the Tricks

EasyBarTricks is dedicated to easy bar & pub and magic tricks. Easy
does not mean bad it just mean that everyone can learn the tricks that
we offer. A magic trick can be easy to perform and yet be amazing
magic. It is not difficult to levitate of the ground but for those who
see this miracle it is pure magic.

Easy also means that our tricks can be performed anywhere?? in real
life and without any big setup. There is a lot of Internet magic
tricks out there that looks good from the cameras angle but are nearly
impossible to perform in real life. Our tricks are handpicked for
being easy to learn and because they work in real life situations when
performed for real people. I perform these tricks when I go out with
my friends and you could do the same.That said?? we have several
professional performers and magicians among our customers!

Where are we?

EasyBarTricks.com is located in Copenhagen the capital of Denmark in
Europe. This will explain the Scandinavian accent and if you hear a
slight southern drawl it is because I spend a lot of time in San
Fransisco in the year 2000