Eaton's Spellbound by Michael Eaton


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Eaton's Spellbound by Michael Eaton


Learn to perform the Spellbound coin move the way it SHOULD look.

Michael Eaton's Spellbound routine is more than a coin trick, its a wealth of knowledge on how to perform visual coin magic. Michael's work on Spellbound is a thing of beauty and his teaching gives you an opportunity to learn from a master at coin magic.

Not only will you learn Michael Eaton's Spellbound routine but you will learn coin sleights essential for performing visually stunning coin magic.

If you have ever wanted to learn the Spellbound move, Eaton's routine is the perfect place to start. You will learn how to perform this versatile move exactly the way that it is supposed to look. Eaton makes this move look like pure magic because of his mastery of the technique now he is passing that knowledge on to you.