Edward Marlo - Thirty Five Years Later


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Edward Marlo - Thirty Five Years Later


Marlo?? 35 Years Later - Ed Marlo - In 1986?? the late Ed Marlo did an incredible two-hour long lecture in Collinsville?? Illinois at the Mendoza Magic Day Convention. the lecture was videotaped in its entirety and available only to the lucky few who attended the convention. Now?? with the consent and encouragement of Ed's widow?? Muriel Marlo?? the tape is being made available to the magic fraternity in general. The material contained herein is not available in any other source except the notes Thirty Five Years Later. This videotape has been enhanced to match the first generation quality. As Marlo himself says on the tape??"I've seen a lot of fingerflinging?? so now I thought it's time to give it a rest and do some easy stuff." This is one of the last Marlo lectures and one of the last 'live' videotapes which shows his character as well as his ability. It is a true tribute to a legend. Two Hours. VHS.