Ellusionist - Eric Ross & B. Smith - Rizer


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Ellusionist - Eric Ross & B. Smith - Rizer


Just when you think you've seen it all?? something like Rizer makes you reevaluate everything you know about magic.

You DRAW a rough image of a deck of cards on your naked arm. Nothing else is seen on your arm?? except skin and ink. Then?? from out of the center of the hand-drawn deck?? the inked outline of a single card visually rises along your skin. Yes?? the ink. Your spectators can touch?? feel and inspect the transformed drawing.

The beguiling nature of watching a drawing visibly reshape without any cover is what any magic effect strives for. This is as close to "Holy-Grail" magic as it gets.

Exclusively at Ellusionist.

Easy to perform
? Can be performed COMPLETELY surrounded?? no angle issues
? Resets in 30 seconds
? No magnets?? fake skin?? thread?? flaps or extra pieces
? Nothing to hide?? palm or steal
? Animate other drawings
? 100% examinable
?Bonus?? Includes sleek black key chain to hold the gimmick

“F…ing Amazing!” - David Blaine

“So Simple.. And Genius” - Cyril Takayama

“Dude?? That's Sick!” - Bro Gilbert

“Hell to the Yeah! That's my kind of trick!” - Luke Dancy