EMC - Dani DaOrtiz - Utopia


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EMC - Dani DaOrtiz - Utopia



Disc 1 | 100% Daortiz

This disc contains Dani’s live performance. A full close-up show filmed in Portugal featuring some of his strongest card effects including Numerical Match?? I Don’t Remember?? Mathmagic?? Mini Oil and Water?? Why Aces? Horizontal Open Triumph?? The One and Triple Intuition. Killer effects explained in full detail.

Disc 2 | Fascinations

Dani reveals some of this favourite card plots and methods from his handling of the double card to his fascination with Hofzinser. Tricks include Time Travel?? Torn & Restored Chink a Chink?? Flash Restoration?? Twice Ahead?? Mentalism by Elimination?? Four Fly?? Aces Production?? Chink a Chink Cards?? Hofzinser’s Number Problem?? I.E.N.?? Chosen Suit?? 2 Deck Trick and Remember & Forget. Plus Dani’s ideas for applying optical principles to card magic as demonstrated in Aces on the Deck and the amazing Imaginary Pendulum.

Disc 3 | Psychology

Dani explains his mind blowing handling of the psychological force. Dani accomplishes miracles using these methods. So can you. These are 100% practical methods for forcing cards. You will see them used in the live performance footage. A complete treatise on forcing cards in the most convincing manner. Includes Dani’s work on the Imaginary Deck?? an incredible technique for forcing thought-of cards that makes it possible to do the Invisible Deck without gimmicked cards. Plus Dani’s 100% practical handling of ACAAN as used in his professional shows.

Disc 4 | Semi.automatic

Self-working tricks that will fry you. Easy to do. Big on plot and entertainment and completely baffling. Twin Prediction?? Imaginary Dice?? Business Card Collector?? Missing Player?? Card and Number?? Abracadabra?? 3 Opportunities and Chaotic 21 Card Trick. Commercial magic from Dani’s own repertoire.


“Simply super strong magic“

Juan Tamariz

 “The spirit of wonder”



Dan & Dave

 “Dani DaOrtiz performs real miracles”


David Williamson



Total Running Time: Approximately 9hrs 9mins