EMC - Miguel Angel Gea - Essence (1-4)


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Miguel Angel Gea is one of Spain’s finest close-up magicians?? the winner of many awards including the Ascanio Prize and the National Grand Prix of Magic in Spain. He is a specialist in coins and cards and here on these four DVDs he reveals many of his professional routines and prize-winning magic.

DISC 1: Features Miguel performing a show in the spectacular gothic ruins of the Monastery of Santa Clara in Coimbra?? Portugal. Magic performed and explained includes: Choices?? Cards & Coins?? Influence?? Aparicio Kings his amazing Messages routine in which a deck of cards seems to develop a life of its own. And?? for the first time ever?? an English language version of his acclaimed Spelling Routine.

DISC 2: Magicinspired by Joaquin Navajas. Stunning coin routines inspired by one ofthe Spanish masters of coin magic. Reality Falls?? Pocket Topit?? ThruEverything?? Naked Production?? Cave?? Wild Coin and the Catapultatechnique?? a versatile move that has been baffling the experts.

DISC 3: The award-winning coin magic of Miguel Angel Gea: Essence One and Two?? two versions of Gea’s eye-popping Coins and Glass effect?? his personal sleeving technique and astonishing Cartonumismagia routine.

DISC 4: Here Miguel Angel Gea reveals some of his Matrix routines?? startling effects with coins and cards that have astounded magicians all over the world. One Hand Matrix?? Direct Matrix even a Matrix routine performed with the spectator. Additional material includes Elements?? Stick?? Purse and a visually stunning Elastico.

Miguel Angel Gea is a superb coin magician with some very clever moves and ideas. His magic looks like magic?? and he is truly is an actor playing the part of a magician."
- David Roth

"With Miguel Angel Gea magic's future is in the best of hands?? literally. Behind an almost unassuming but charming and delightful exterior?? hides one of today's most creative?? intelligent and capable performers. His original magic and superb handling?? as well as his holistic approach?? typical of the Spanish School of Magic?? will more than just please you. And?? yes?? he will also fool you badly."
- Roberto Giobbi

"Miguel Angel Gea is not only one of the greatest coin men of all time but one of the greatest all around magic stars of our time. Everyone in magic should watch and listen to anything Miguel Angel wants to show or say."
- William Kalush

Miguel Angel Gea is one of Spain's finest close-up magicians?? the winner of many awards including the Ascanio Prize and the National Grand Prix of Magic in Spain.

On these four DVDs?? he explains his prize-winning effects including magic inspired by Spain's legendary coin worker Joaquin Navajas.

Also included are Gea's outstanding sleeving techniques?? his jaw-dropping catapulta move?? eye-popping coin through glass?? one-hand Matrix?? Essence?? competition act and much more.

Incudes his FULL professional show?? DOZENS of routines?? EVERYTHING explained and an EXCLUSIVE interview. Plus?? for thefirst time ever?? an English language version of his awesome Spelling Routine.