Eric James - Misleading Mislead


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The Ultimate Impromptu Pen Through Bill Penetration! 

How would you describe the perfect magic trick? 

It would be best described as: self working?? impromptu?? gimmick -free?? no set-up?? uses all borrowed objects?? visually stunning?? start completely clean?? end completely clean and last but not least...easy to master! 

Now if there was an effect that fits the description?? would you believe it? 

You're right?? this effect is not all of the above. But?? just about as close as has ever been seen. Simply take away self-working and you have a description for this breathtaking effect. 

? Totally Impromptu 
? Gimmick Free 
? Easy To Master 
? Uses All Borrowed Objects 
? Any Pen 
? Any Bill 
? NO Set-Up 
? Use Any Bill From Any Country 
? Perform Anywhere?? Anytime 
? Start Completely Clean 
? End Completely Clean 

Created by Alan Rorrison 
Running Time: Approximately 17 minutes