Eric Richardson - Momentum


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Eric Richardson - Momentum


The Haunted Pack is arguably the strongest card trick possible—a card moves from the deck ON ITS OWN. Yet?? why is it that so few magicians use this trick? It's not difficult. But it normally uses thread?? and this makes it difficult to perform in many well-lit venues?? during the day?? or up close. Plus?? some of us simply don't feel comfortable doing magic with such fragile invisible thread.

Well?? there is FINALLY another solution. Eric Richardson's Momentum is a Haunted Pack style effect WITH NO THREADS OR GIMMICKS. Imagine spreading cards in your hand and causing a THOUGHT-OF card to slowly?? eerily SPIN OUT OF THE SPREAD. Your hands are completely still. Now?? imagine doing this with a REGULAR PACK OF CARDS. Momentum is a revolutionary concept in playing card animation?? and we see this becoming a regular staple of your repertoire. Look at the trailer...truly unbelievable. As you have come to expect from Vanishing Inc?? the tutorial is in impeccable detail and high definition?? nearly an hour in length?? and all for just TEN DOLLARS.

This effect can be learned in less than an hour?? as you follow along with the brilliant Eric Richardson as he teaches you each detail?? step by step. Richardson is not the first to attempt to perform a Haunted Pack without gimmicks?? but we believe his version is by far the best?? and radically different in approach.