Eugene Burger - The Real Secrets of Close-up Magic


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What are the real secrets of learning to perform magic? In this 70-minute video?? Eugene Burger looks beyond tricks to explore the process by which we learn to perform magic. These Real Secrets are illustrated with sure-fire routines taken from Eugene's own professional performing repertoire. You'll learn??

A terrific version of Cutting the Aces (in which the spectator finds the last ace by cutting the deck himself and spelling his own name.)
The World's Fastest Card Trick (Eugene's favorite.)
The full work on Making Cigarettes Disappear (two different methods?? for every performance condition.)
An Old Carnival Game (Eugene's version of the classic glass under the napkin.)
The Three Coin Mystery (a surprising vanish and a delightful example of commercial close-up routining.)
And a special bonus?? Eugene discusses Al Baker's Impossible Card Force (one of the most deceptive forces of all time.)

Here's your opportunity to learn the Real Secrets of great magic - and to experience a teacher who will stimulate you to think about your magic in new and creative ways.