European Coin Magic Symposium (1-2)


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On November 26 & 27 2010 the first European Coin Magic Symposium brings 16 magicians from all over the world to Milan for 2 days of non-stop coin magic.

Volume 1 contains:

Performance and Explanations by:
Akira Fujii - Grown Up Coin
Giacomo Bertini - Cylinder and Coins
Curtis Kam - Be Like Water- (Performance Only)
Jean Emmanuel Franzis - Coins No Purse No Glass
Shigeo Futagawa - Inflaction and Deflaction
Miguel Angel Gea - Esencia del Vaso
Ginjiro - Cylinder and Chips
Eric Jones - Flash Dance
Joke - Fire Three Fly
Mario Raso - Mirage
Performance and Explanation of the Top 3 finishers of CMS 2010 Competition:
First Place: Hidekazu Kimoto - Fisher's Wild Coins
Second Place: Tony Polli - Frame and Coins
Third Place: Marco Pantaleo - Coins?? Cap and Pen
Special Performance: Yoshihiko Mutobe - Fancy Frame
Atmosphere of Private Sessions

Running Time Approximately: 1hr 35minVolume 2 contains:

Performance and Explanations by:
Giacomo Bertini - Magnetic Coins
David Roth - Winged Silver and Chink a Chink
Curtis Kam - Extreme Spellbound
Bébel - Cards and...Coins! - (Performance Only)
Shigeo Futagawa - Everyday Life of Birds
Alex Conradi - Emotional Memory
Eric Roumestan - Short Close-up
Lawrens Godon - Ubicointy
Toni Cachadina - Integral Three Fly
Mario Raso - Echo
Mike Rubinstein - Coin Through Table - (Performance and Explanation)
Nektarios Loukianos - Practice on Downs

Running Time Approximately: 1hr 28min