Extreme Cuts with Keone


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Extreme Cuts with Keone


  • KEO KUT - 3 packet cut with 180 degree mid air spin
  • SHAKES - Half Sibling with finger flurry Shake finish
  • HALF TWISTED - Mirror image two handed cut, can be done false
  • FA SHOW - A Charlier revolution cut, can be done false
  • BREEZE - Cut, clip, pivot, and curl? That's a breeze.
  • ROLLOUT - Cards roll out under and up the deck
  • REMIX - A wicked medley of some familiar card cuts
  • JUMP SHOT - Cards are cut and shot into a one-handed fan
  • THUMB PIVOT - Cards pivot around each other, off the thumb
  • BIG TOP - A cut display with a fan at the top
  • K Display - Keone's personal 6-packet card display