Favorites - Giobbi on Vernon by Roberto Giobbi


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Favorites - Giobbi on Vernon by Roberto Giobbi

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Roberto Giobbi is one of the finest card technicians on the planet. He is also one of the greatest teachers of our time and in this fantastic hour-long download he guides you in detail through three routines of Dai Vernon which he has hand picked as hisFavorites.

In this first instalment ofFavorites Giobbi on Vernon you will learn all of the workings finesses and tips on three of Dai Vernons brilliant routines. However we believe that the true value in this download is how Roberto has woven the individual routines into an immaculate 10 minute long performance piece which starts with a shuffled deck. The transitions are not only effortless but absolutely seamless and without doubt there are lessons to be learnt here for EVERYONE.

You will learn in detail:

Emotional Reaction- A wonderful opener taken from the pages of Lewis GansonsInner Secrets of Card Magic. Explaining that an artish should always use his hand his head and his heart Roberto immediately and charmingly engages his spectators before he impossibly finds a selected card after the deck has been freely shuffled and cut.

Four of a Kind- Also fromInner Secrets of Card Magic Four of a Kind is an impossible coincidence effect. The magician and the spectator both shuffle the deck before selecting two cards each which they exchange face down in order to keep their identity a secret. When the identity of the cards is revealed the secret is proved to be worth waiting for as they are shown to be a four of a kind. This is beautiful baffling magic at its best.

Slow Motion Aces- Roberto presents his take on Vernons most famous routine in which four cards vanish one by one only to reappear on the opposite side of the table. For the climax all four cards change places in an instant with the spectators chosen card. This is a masterclass not only in technique but in how a routine should be constructed as well.

When you combine Roberto Giobbis expertise with Dai Vernons unmatched reputation the only way to describe the experience is learning about a master from a master.