Fernando Figueras LIVE (Penguin LIVE)


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Fernando Figueras LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

Strong mentalism minimal props and fascinating methods from the Spanish School of Magic.

Fernando is a place with many corners and nooks. Intelligent and literate as his mentalism. Interesting and playful as his ideas. And powerful and fresh as his life. All of this can be felt in every of his acts. -Miguel Ángel Gea

Fernando is a beautiful devil and a wickedly good entertainer combining the best of the Spanish School of Magic and his shinning devious mentalism. -Kiko Pastur

Fernando perfectly represents the high class and brilliant thinking of the Spanish School of Magic. His knowledge skills and approach to mentalism and magic astound me every time I see him. If you dont know him yet get to know him or you miss a great master of our time. BTW he is a super nice guy! -Christian Card-Shark Schenk

What will he teach

Small OpenerThe simplest quickest way to set the mood the character the theme and the roles.

Name PlaceMy approach to this classic putting the attention on the phenomenon more than the effect.

Lie to meGuessing the never told never written thoughts of four spectators.

No-chair chair testThe title says it all!

Linking thoughtsAnother of my approaches to guess non written/told thoughts.

Who is he

Fernando Figuerasdirects and stars in this space ofClose Magicwhere he weekly presents his display ofMental Illusions.During this over a year and a half uninterrupted time on the billboard and with more than 400 positive opinions hisshow has become a reference point for the Madrid weekend.