FISM Soma - How to Win at FISM


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Have you ever wondered how a great magic act is created? Great ideas develop in time. The big audience only sees the final result. Until now. This DVD will show you the detailed development process of Soma’s world champion ‘Phone Act’. In addition you get to hear other world champions and FISM prize winners share thoughts on prop development, music, clothing, and practicing. They talk about their fears, how they handle stress, and much more.

"This movie is like nothing before. A truely amazing experience. If you claim yourself a magician, this dvd is a MUST see!" - David Stone

Featuring: Shawn Farqhuar, Wayne Houchin, Domenico Dante, Boris Wild, David Stone, Rick Merrill, Yo Kato, Han Seol-Hui, An Ha Lim, BobLittle, and many others...

Chapters:Early years of the Phone Act, Inspiration for a magician, Prop development, Stage clothing, Music, Workshops, Practicing and failures, The FISM experience, Advice to future generations

"Soma is one of the most creative, powerful and entertaining magicians I have ever watched. Each time I watch him perform - I am inspired. I will be first in line when his moive is complete!” - Wayne Houchin

Extras: Including the full recording of Soma's Phone act
With every DVD comes a serial number, with which you can access tons of additional intervewes, bloopers, pictures and footages of the making online.