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Flavoure by Julio Montoro

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Flavoure is an effect where two pieces of chewing gum change places in the spectators hand.
Its a modern take on a copper and silver routine with an ordinary object. Flavoure is extremely simple to perform and you can reset it in 1 second and be ready to go again. The change is highly visual and done with no cover at all. You can even make the change in your mouth! Julio Montoro created an extremely visual piece of magic that can easily be an icebreaker and uses no pocket space at all.
Flavoure can be done anywhere anytime its perfect for close-up or street magic and even in a bar in any light setting.
Keypoints to remember:
- Very easy to do no sleight of hand required
- Resets in 1 second
- Perfect in any environment
- Gum can be handed out and the spectator can eat it
- Highly visual