Frank DeMasi - Believe In Magic


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Renowned magician Frank DeMasi aka Magic Frank believes that anyone can perform feats of magic and has been performing magic professionally for audiences of all ages for over two decades. He now wants to show his techniques and methods via his award-winning Lessons In Magic instructional video series.

The Believe in Magic! Believe In Yourself! Magic You Can Do! DVD consists of 21 tricks to practice in the comfort of your own home with a range of everyday objects including sleight-of-hand card tricks tips on making coins vanish and shatter how to really play with your food and even mind-reading. This is awesome for aspiring magicians of all ages and levels.
1. Intro
2. Use of Video
3. Rules of Magic
4. Cant Say Cant
5. Vanishing Coin
6. Coin in Pocket
7. Coin From Nose
8. Coin Thru Table
9. Dime 2 Nickels
10. Shattered
11. Penny to Dime
12. The Topper
13. The Kernel
14. Hopping Popcorn
15. The Cookie Crumbles
16. Tea Ring Please
17. Card in Bottle
18. To the Top
19. A Closer Look
20. She Said
21. Registered Mail
22. The Positive Deck
23. Heres Your Card
24. Remote Card
25. Mind Reading Pad
26. Scenes From Magic 4 Fun and the Key to Card Magic DVD
DVD Running Time: Approx. 52 minutes