(full vesion)Paul Brook & Colin McLeod - This way Up


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Paul Brook and Colin Mcleod - This Way Up
- Close-Up
- Stage
Skill Level:
- Easy
- Direct Mind Reading
- Full Scripting
- Limited Sales
- Hardback Book
'This Way Up' is a collaboration between Paul Brook & Colin McLeod. Each submitting one effect based on the same principle, but each with its own devastating application.
Paul's Contribution (Close-Up)
You approach a group of people and talk about the importance of memories, how we have first and favourite experiences that stick with us till the day that we die. You ask someone in the group to think of a memory. She can even change her mind and think of another memory if she so wishes. Without fishing, you instantly start to describe the emotions that the person is feeling and where those emotions are in her body. Then you begin to recall specific images of the memory she is just thinking about. Both participant and onlookers are amazed as you proceed to name the exact memory she is merely thinking of. The participant confirms the images you mentioned were exactly what she was thinking of and saw in her mind.
The process can then be repeated with the same person thinking of a different memory, or another person can have their mind read.
This is one of the first things Paul ever created. It has been in his close-up set since the early years. While other great material has come and gone from his set this has never left it, and will likely never leave it. This has been one of Paul's most jealously guarded secrets for a long time. Aside from public audiences, only a handful of Paul's closest friends know of the existence of this effect
Colin's Contribution (Stage)
You are stood on stage facing the audience. Three people in the audience are asked to stand up at their seat. Each person is asked to think of something different. One person thinks of any location in the world, one thinks of any film, and another thinks of a time. Without fishing you are instantly able to tell all three people what they are thinking of. Not only that, but you are able to go into intricate details you could only know if you were genuinely reading minds.
If that wasn't strong enough. Another three random people are asked to stand at their seats. A fourth randomly selected person joins you on stage. Just as before the three people in the audience are asked to think of a random piece of information. Without any coaching the audience member on stage is able to tell each person what they are thinking of, along with precise details that she feels she is making up right there on the spot.
Colin considers this to be the most powerful thing he has created yet. He has used it in shows all over the world, from the Magic Castle, to the Gala Show of the International Magic Festival, even on stage at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival. Colin relies on this when he needs to really impress an audience, whether it's in his full length show or if he has fifteen minutes. THIS is what he will perform.
The effects in 'This Way Up' are even more amazing when you realise that there is:
? No writing down
? No pre-show
? No secret writing
? No fishing
? No guesswork
? No instant stooging
Also, there is no cueing as in some of Paul & Colin's routines using dual reality where one spectator sees something that everyone else doesn't. This is not the case here! Everyone is aware of everything that is going on and the process is all done openly.
Both Paul & Colin have reinvented a classic method and brought it into the modern era. The method is not complex, yet breathtaking in practice. The method is simple enough that everyone who reads the book will be able to master it.
But wait there's more.
Paul and Colin have a serious reputation for strong and powerful psychological subtleties within their materials, books and products. 'This Way Up' is no exception to that rule.
Only 200 people will get to know the captivating secret to these mind reading miracles as this is a limited edition book. It is limited to 200 copies and unlike other people, we mean it. Only 200 copies will be printed and then the world will see no more and all books will be hand numbered to ensure this.
Not only will this be a great investment for you based on the contents, but also because this book will without a doubt become a modern collectible.