Garrett Thomas - Stand-Up Monte


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Garrett Thomas - Stand-Up Monte


A fabulous strolling trick that requires no table and packs a lot of magic and fun into a really great routine. Highly Recommended!!!!

A Wonderful Marriage of Wild Card & Three-Card Monte

It starts out easy enough...the magician displays a single 4 of Spades and plays a game of "one-card monte" with the spectator.

Just to make things a little tougher?? another card?? the Queen of Hearts?? is added which acts as the money card.

After a few rounds?? another 4 of Spades is added in and now the fun really begins.

No matter how hard they try?? the spectator just can't follow the Queen!

For the eye-popping climax?? all of the cards are shown to have changed into the Queen of Hearts!