George Honda - Changing Parasol


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George Honda  Changing Parasol


The concept behind Changing Parasol's secret is completely different from any other similar effect, so you can perform more smoothly and create a more magical impression. 

Magician displays an empty metal parasol frame and then returns it to its case.
He produces a set of silks of differing color, tied up end to end. He unties them and puts them back in his pocket. With his magical gesture, the silks jump to the parasol frame. Of course, the handle of the parasol frame has been showing all this time, so it would have been impossible to switch.

Then he places the parasol frame back into the case and again allows the handle to show. He makes magical gesture again and then pulls the parasol frame out again. 
This time, it has transformed into a beautiful rainbow parasol. As he displays the parasol, amazingly, another beautiful parasol appears!!