Greater Magic Video Library - Homing Card


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Greater Magic Video Library - Homing Card


Greater Magic Video Library Series - The eleventh volume from the Greater Magic Video Library Teach-In Series on one of the finest professional card effects of all time. A wonderful entertaining?? mysterious and comedic effect! Professional routines for one of the great card classics that plays well on stage or in a parlor setting. So hard to learn by the written word and so easy to master by watching the “Pros” perform and explain it. This effect is so stunning when performed properly that you will add it to your act?? plus it’s easy to carry in your pocket! Learn routines from Billy McComb?? Aldo Colombini?? Antonio Ferragut Hurtado?? Jim Krenz and Trevor Lewis. Two Jumbo card versions and three regular card versions. The classic bit of one odd card being eliminated from the others and placed on the table. It then reappears. Time after time?? it is disposed of and returns to the fan?? to the frustration of the performer! Pure magic from start to finish! It’s all in the handling!