Greg Gleason - Theater Close-up


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Greg Gleason - Theater Close-up

THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO VEGAS - An extremely entertaining version of the Gambler vs. Magician plot. It is performed to revised lyrics of Charlie Daniel's hit song "The Devil Went Down To ??????." This routine is worth the price of the DVD.

THE G_CARD - Control one card or a group of cards with ease with this diabolic secret. You will always use it!

QUICKER THAN THE EYE - A four ace routine where the four aces are cut into the deck by you and a spectator and immediately all appear on top.

LOST AND FOUND - One by one the four aces are lost in the deck?? then immediately cut to one at a time. An incredible demonstration of card control that will impress any audience.

I FOUND IT -An impossible control and location of a card that will fool magicians. if it fools magicians?? the laymen won't have a chance.

MONEYMORPHISIS - A close-up version of houdini's Metamorphisis. A signed twenty-dollar bill is locked in a small box and held by a spectator. the magician takes a twenty that he signed?? folds and unfolds the bill revealing it has changed places with the spectators signed bill. This routine was previously sold for thirty-dollars.

SET UP FOR WAGNERS SUPER CLOSER - Now you can perform JC Wagner's outstanding routine after a spectator shuffles the entire deck. Perform it anytime in your show without any deck switches!

SLEIGHT OF BUTT - Five minutes of laughs and magic with a deck of cards that can be performed in large theaters without the aid of video screens.

HOT SHOT OPENER - The wrong card jumps out of the deck and magically changes into the selected card. Even if you can't do Daryl's Hot Shot Cut?? you will be able to do this.

MATRIX EXPLOSION - A matrix routine where four fifty-cent pieces magically appear?? assemble under one card?? and then multiply until twelve coins magically appear and cover the mat. This routine uses no gimmicked coins?? gimmicked cards?? or gimmicked mat or any other gimmicks!

OSC - The overhand shuffle shift control. Greg's multiple Shift technique allowing you to control four cards from four different parts of the deck with the overhand shuffle.

BANNED FROM VEGAS - A fantastic routine where four aces are lost in the deck with several shuffles including one with half the cards face up and half face down. When the cards are spread every card is face down except the four aces in the center of the spread.

OSC FULL DECK CONTROL - With this control you can retain an entire deck stack while apparently losing the four aces into different parts of the deck with an overhand shuffle and riffle shuffle.

INVISIBLE CARD - The invisible deck routine with a straight deck. Spectator shuffles the deck?? thinks of a card?? the deck is spread?? one card is reversed. It is the spectator's card. Unbelievable! You will always use this.

THE LOCK UP - A selected card visually appears under a combination dial that was placed on top of the face-up deck. The dial is then turned locking the cards into a solid block.

SIGNED CARD TO SEALED DECK - A card is selected and signed by several people from a blue backed deck and lost in the deck. The deck is spread revealing the selected card face up?? however?? there are no signatures. The card is turned over to reveal it has a red back. The magician immediately removes a sealed red deck?? shows ALL sides?? removes the cellophane?? breaks the seal?? and removes the deck. The signed blue card is found to have replaced the red mate in its exact position!!! This routine is worth the price of both DVDs!