HULSE by Olivier Pont

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HULSE by Olivier Pont

HULSE! When your device turns into a heart monitor.

Imagine finding the spectator's card using their heartbeat! WithHULSE you will be able to reveal several different shapes using your own phone. Have your spectator select a card or think about an ESP symbol an animal etc. Plug a headset into your phone. Now explain that the left earphone is designed to listen to heartbeats and the right one to actually feel the beats. You open the heart monitor on your phone and you start taking your own pulse. You can see the beats on the screen. Then take the spectator's pulse and finally ask them to think about their card animal ESP symbol etc. Suddenly between the pulses on your screen appears a drawing of the spectator's selection or thoughts!

Your download will enable you to place many different shapes on your smartphoneEasy to performAutomaticCompatible with all smartphones

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