Impossible Location Card Tricks by John Carey


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Impossible Location Card Tricks by John Carey
Bigblindmedia presents 
Impossible Location Card Tricks with John Carey 
Impossible Locations are some of the strongest effects possible with a deck of cards. A spectator selects a card, it is lost in the deck, yet, somehow, you find it! But there are 'impossible locations' and then there are 'IMPOSSIBLE LOCATIONS' - tricks so strong and ridiculously fair looking that they utterly defy explanation. 
Acclaimed card handler John Carey has cherry picked the 10 strongest, most brain-fryingly Impossible Location routines imaginable. Most of the tricks start from a borrowed, shuffled deck... and, even better, they range from totally self-working to seriously easy to do. The 10 featured routines all have squeaky clean handlings that will leave your audience with absolutely no where to go in terms of explanation. Indeed, the methods are so well hidden, you'll find that these tricks are perfect for fooling your magician buddies just as much as your normal audiences! 
Every magician wants some incredible impossible card locations in their arsenal. Dive into this project and you'll be armed with some of the best ones imaginable. 
    Impossible - Larry Jennings
    The 7 Card 21 Card Trick - Mike Powers
    Bake Off - Jack Tighe
    Entrapped- John Carey
    Bloody Amazing! - Steve Bryant
    Lost and Found - Nick Trost
    Counting on You - John Carey
    Princess in my Pocket - John Carey
    Waikiki Location - Bill Morata
    Emotional Reaction Plus... - Dai Vernon
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